1. My True Love
  2. Live, Laugh, Love
 It was back in October of 2004, only a month after the Category 3 Hurricane Ivan had come ashore on the Gulf Coast, Panama City Beach, Florida. I was working as a waitress in something like a Waffle House, when I met my husband of today.​​

He was in town, from Charlotte, North Carolina doing hurricane clean up. He was basically living in the hotel across the street from where I worked. Him and his crew would come in to the restaurant to eat everyday. Then he would come back after work and sit, drink coffee, and converse with me.

One Friday night, I think, he asked me to go with him to some club out on Panama City Beach, Florida. Now I am not saying that Florida gets as cold as North Carolina, however it was chilly outside, and I was in shorts, T-Shirt, and tennis shoes. I was also not properly dressed to go to a club either. I explained this to him! He commented back, and told me that he would get me clothes. Well, one thing, I did not want a strange going out buying clothes for me, and the other thing is I only lived about 10 minutes from my work. Anyways, we parted ways that evening.

After this incident, I would see him and his crew pull up at the hotel they were staying, after they got off work. Then I would see him get into his vehicle and drive away. After a few days of this sort of thing happening, I began to wonder did I offend him. I didn't mean too, plus my tips had dropped tremendously, LOL! This went on for a week or two, and I was really thinking that I had done something wrong.

I finally remember, during one of our conversations he had given me his business card with his cell number on it. Well, boy howdy, I got excited. So, a gathered up the courage to call him and ask why him and his crew were not coming over to the restaurant any more. He told me that after I turned him down that night he figured that I did not want anything to do with him, so he quit coming over. That is when I explained, the entire situation to him and he understood.

It was either that evening very same evening or the next I am not positive but him and his crew returned to eating at my restaurant again. Him and I went out on a date, all over Panama City Beach, Florida. Then he asked me to come to Charlotte, North Carolina with him for the weekend, that he had some business to take care of and that bright and early the following Monday we would be back in Panama City, Florida. I took him up on this offer.

After visiting Charlotte, North Carolina and returning to Panama City, Florida, he asked me to move Charlotte with him, that he would take care of me and my daughter. (You do not understand that this was an opportunity I was hoping for. I did not care for my hometown, Panama City, Florida but, was needed there do a situation I had just gotten out of with my daughters biological father.)

It did not take me long to take him up on his offer. About two weeks before Thanksgiving 2004, he loaded all my stuff up in a U haul trailer and moved it to Charlotte North Carolina. I stayed to have Thanksgiving Dinner with my mother and then the day after Thanksgiving, I left Panama City, Florida and have not looked back.

December 7, 2016, was our 10 year wedding anniversary! Ten of the most wonderful years of my life. I moved in with a man, at that time I did not love, but grew to love him, and love him now unconditionally, he is my best friend. We have cried together, laughed together, and we have our spurts of frustration with each other, of course. However, we always kiss good night, and we always have laughter.

I have done some amazing things in my life but the most amazing thing I done, is that day after Thanksgiving 2004, was to leave Panama City Florida, move to Charlotte North Carolina, and find the love of my life, my best friend, and my soul mate. Who would have ever thought love could be found in a restaurant, and turn out like it has today, especially for me. I sure would not believe it if it had not.

My moral here is sometimes, things turn out just as they are supposed to be! Take a chance, take a risk, sometimes you have to follow your gut feeling. That is just what I done, was follow my gut, and I am happy I did!

Oh, I don't want to forget this part. In May of 2012, we had a baby! The most special little boy, the joy of our lives. We named him "Casper Avery".

This is my True Love, My Best Friend, and most of all my Wonderful Husband.

I love him to the moon and back! No one could ever replace my love for him.