A Carolina Wedding Officiant

I am a residence of South Carolina, however being an Ordained Minister allows me to be about to perform wedding through both North and South Carolina. I am a wife, a mother, and a business owner. A mother of two beautiful and wonderful children, my daughter is 15 and my son is turning 5, yes I am very busy yet I am not too busy to coordinate wedding vows for my clients. 

My husband and I will tell you that marriage is wonderful and rewarding. However, we will also tell you that it is hard work. We believe that if you work hard, that you can achieve anything.

When we married in 2006, we did not know what difficult circumstances that laid ahead of us. Here it is ten years later and we are still here displaying our love to one another. Now, we both know that there is still difficult situations that are ahead of us, however with our devotion to one another, and our love for one another, that these situations too can be overcome. In 2006 my husband and I made a commitment to one another and we find great pleasure in having made that commitment.

While I have been a South Carolina Notary since November 2012, I have been limited to the State of South Carolina when officiating wedding ceremonies. After a long discussion with my husband, and many lost hours of sleep creating my initial wedding website, we decided to expand my officiating services. In February of 2016 I applied to become an Ordained Minister thru the First Nation Ministry. I was accepted and here I am now.

Think about it, a marriage is one of those moments that people do not forget and they look back upon. It is a glorious time and event in peoples lives.And if you will let me, I will take each step with you toward one of your most cherished moments in your life—Your Marriage!

I am so glad people let me be present and do what I love doing, officiating their wedding.